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The Casualty of Remedial Centre is attended by approximately 1800-2000 patients per month. It provides emergency medical services with state of the art technology and trained doctors and staff.

In the Casualty, all cases are dealt with, from minor ailments like sore throat to serious conditions like cardiac illnesses & other emergencies. Medical, Surgical, Gynecology & Obstetrics as well as Pediatric cases are dealt including both minor & major trauma cases.

Observation after Initial Treatment

Patients needing observation of 3-6 hours to get stabilized are kept under observation & necessary investigations are done.


The patients requiring admission for further management & work up are admitted through the E.R. For those patients who require early consultation of specialists a call is given to the consultant who visits the patient on an emergency basis.


The I.C.U. of Remedial Centre accommodates 10 beds & is equipped with modern cardiac monitors, 3 ventilators and other necessary equipments. It comprises of highly trained nursing staff & technicians & doctors, who are guided by renowned consultants. All critical patients are well managed & includes intensive cardiac care as well. It is known to be one of the best I,C.U.s in North Nazimabad..


This is located on the first floor & is furnished with 11 beds. All patients needing high nursing care and close monitoring are admitted in this ward. This is also equipped with cardiac monitors & provides the best of care to critically ill patients. It also includes an isolation unit, especially for Burns patients.

Dialysis Unit is also included in this section of the hospital for dialysis of inpatients as well as outpatients.

Labor Room

A well equipped labor room is situated on the 2nd floor. We have the services of senior Gynecologists to conduct normal as well as complicated deliveries.

In Patients

This is located on the second floor & comprises of Female G. W. -3, male G.W-3 Semi Private Rooms, Private Rooms, & Executive Rooms. This ward has 30 beds which deals with all patients under c/o Physicians, Surgeons, Cardiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pediatricians & Gynecologists. Well trained doctors & nursing staff look after the patients, under guidance of the their consultants.

Operation Theatre

The Operation Theatre is situated on the first floor, & comprises of 2 units. It is fully equipped with modern machines where all major and minor surgeries are performed by highly qualified surgeons. All types of surgeries -General, orthopedic, Gynecological, ENT as well as Urological procedures are performed. Laparoscopic technology is also available. After surgery the patients are shifted to the HDU for close monitoring during the first few hours of the recovery period.

X-ray & Ultrasound

All types of X-rays including IVP,Ba Swallow & Barium Enema are performed by skilled technicians.

The Ultra Sound Department is equipped with the latest machine & facilities for Doppler Studies are also available.

E.E.G and Echocardiography facilities are also available.


The Laboratory provides 24Hrs' services, performing all routine tests, for out Patients as well as In-patients. It is equipped with the latest machinery & tests are performed by highly trained technicians. Special investigations such as HbsAg, HCV,ProBNP, Trop-T, D-Dimer, Typhoid, & stool for H.Pylori











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